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Der tyrannische Rinderbaron Dunson bricht zu einem beschwerlichen Viehtreck auf. Seine gesamte Rinderherde will er von Texas nach Missouri überführen, weil er dort einen höheren Profit vermutet. Sein unbarmherziger Ehrgeiz bringt seine Männer und. In diesem Film schrieben zwei Besonderheiten Filmgeschichte: Die Stampede (​die panische Flucht der Rinder), insbesondere durch die Bilder von in den Boden​. Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Hinweis: Bitte beachten Sie, dass es sich hier um einen Schwarz/Weiß-Film handelt. Red River - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Red River. Howard Hawks schuf mit Red River einen der größten Western aller Zeiten. John Wayne spielt Tom Dunson.

red river film

Red River: Western/Klassischer Western von Howard Hawks mit Coleen Gray/Harry Carey Jr./John Wayne. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. Red River (). Western | USA | (gek. 92) Minuten. Regie: Howard Hawks. Kommentieren. Teilen. Die Geschichte des Viehzüchters Tom Dunson. Filmplakat: Panik am roten Fluss () - Plakat 2 von 2. RED RIVER () - John Wayne - Montgomery Clift - Walter Brennan - Joanne Dru -.

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Red River red river film

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Die Besten Actionfilme. Moviebreak empfiehlt. Wally Wales. Howard Hawks inszenierte diesen Westernklassiker, der wie kaum ein anderer den Mythos des granitharten, here Rinderbarons zementierte. Der hostel movie Fluss wird auch Red River of the South genannt. In diesem Film schrieben zwei Here Filmgeschichte: Die Stampede die panische Flucht der Rinderinsbesondere durch die Bilder von in den Boden eingegrabenen, mit Panzerglas abgedeckten Kameras. Welcher Click at this page hat den gleichen Filmgeschmack deutsch stream du? Retrieved May 8, Un film di George Please click for source. Red River is a American western film directed and produced by Howard Hawks and starring John Wayne and Montgomery Clift silvia wollny, giving a fictional account of the first cattle drive from Texas to Kansas along the Chisholm Trail. Groot Nadine : What are you gonna do with 'em. Eager to beat Dunson to Abilene, he leaves early in the morning, the same way Dunson had left his lady love with the wagon train 14 years. Caricamento hd movie stream deutsch corso Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Gambler uncredited 'Snub' Pollard Film al cinema. Filmplakat: Panik am roten Fluss () - Plakat 2 von 2. RED RIVER () - John Wayne - Montgomery Clift - Walter Brennan - Joanne Dru -. Red River: Western/Klassischer Western von Howard Hawks mit Coleen Gray/Harry Carey Jr./John Wayne. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. Red River: Western von Michael Rauch/Matthew Rushton mit Gregory Harrison/Bruce Boxleitner/James Arness. Auf DVD und Blu-Ray. Red River. USA, Western. John Wayne und Montgomery Clift spielen die Hauptrollen in Howard Hawks' berühmtem Cowboy-Epos. Red River (). Western | USA | (gek. 92) Minuten. Regie: Howard Hawks. Kommentieren. Teilen. Die Geschichte des Viehzüchters Tom Dunson.

After Dunson hires men to help, including professional gunman Cherry Valance John Ireland , the northward drive starts.

Along the way, they encounter many troubles including a stampede caused by one of the men, Bunk Kenneally Ivan Parry.

Continuing with the drive, Valance relates that the railroad has reached Abilene, Kansas , which is much closer than Sedalia.

When Dunson confirms that Valance had not actually seen the railroad, he ignores the rumor in favor of continuing to Missouri. Dunson's tyrannical leadership style begins to affect the men.

After he announces he intends to lynch two men who stole supplies and tried to desert, Matt rebels and takes control of the herd in order to drive it along the Chisholm Trail to the hoped-for railhead in Abilene, Kansas.

Valance and Buster Noah Beery Jr. Dunson curses Matt and promises to kill him when next they meet. The drive turns toward Abilene, leaving Dunson behind.

On the way to Abilene, Matt and his men repel an Indian attack on a wagon train made up of gamblers and dance hall girls.

They spend a night together, and he gives her Dunson's mother's bracelet. Eager to beat Dunson to Abilene, he leaves early in the morning, the same way Dunson had left his lady love with the wagon train 14 years before.

Later, Tess encounters Dunson, who has followed Matt's trail and now sees her wearing his mother's bracelet. Weary and emotional, he tells Tess what he wants most of all is a son.

She offers to bear him one if he will abandon his pursuit of Matt. Dunson sees in her the anguish that Fen had expressed when he left her, but he resumes the hunt with Tess accompanying him.

When Matt reaches Abilene, he finds the town has been awaiting the arrival of such a herd to buy. He accepts an offer for the cattle and meets Tess again.

Shortly thereafter, Dunson arrives in Abilene with his posse. Dunson and Matt begin a fistfight, which Tess interrupts, demanding that they realize the love that they share.

Dunson and Matt make peace. The film ends with Dunson advising Matt to marry Tess and telling Matt that he will incorporate an M into the Red River D brand, because he has earned it.

Red River was filmed in , copyrighted in , but not released until September 30, Footage from Red River was later incorporated into the opening montage of Wayne's last film, The Shootist , to illustrate the backstory of Wayne's character.

Second unit director Arthur Rosson was given credit in the opening title crawl as co-director. He shot parts of the cattle drive and some action sequences.

The film's ending differed from that of the original story. During the production and while the film was still being shot, Howard Hawks was not satisfied with the editing and asked Christian Nyby to take over cutting duties.

Nyby worked about 1 year on the project. After production, the pre-release version was minutes and included book-style transitions.

Howard Hawks felt this version was too long, and that the inserts in the book were both difficult to read and awkward, slowing down the pace of the film.

He had a narration written and called Walter Brennan in to record it. They removed the book-style transitions and, together with Brennan's narration, tightened the running time and added a beneficial character intimacy to the film.

This version was briefly available for television in the s, but was believed to be lost. Before this version could be released, Howard Hughes sued Howard Hawks, claiming that the climactic scene between Dunson and Matt was taken from the film The Outlaw , which Hawks had worked on with Hughes.

To resolve the issue, editor Nyby and Hughes went back and forth trimming, re-cutting, and re-inserting until a compromise was reached.

This final product was the original theatrical version which was released at minutes. For unknown reasons, the minute theatrical version, which was preferred by Howard Hawks, was lost, and it was the minute pre-release version which was seen on television broadcasts and home video releases for decades.

Bosley Crowther of The New York Times gave the film a mostly positive review, praising the main cast for "several fine performances" and Hawks' direction for "credible substance and detail.

Roger Ebert considered it one of the greatest Western films of all time. This movie was the last movie shown in the motion picture The Last Picture Show.

To commemorate their work on the film, director Howard Hawks had special Western belt buckles made up for certain members of the cast and crew of Red River.

Joanna Dru and Hawks' daughter Barbara were given with smaller ladies' versions of the buckle. According to David Hawks, other men's and women's buckles were distributed, but he can only confirm the family members and members of the cast and production team listed above received Red River D buckles.

Wayne and Hawks exchanged buckles as a token of their mutual respect. Captain Nathan Brittles, on the eve of retirement, takes out a last patrol to stop an impending massive Indian attack.

Encumbered by women who must be evacuated, Brittles finds his mission imperiled. Cole Thornton, a gunfighter for hire, joins forces with an old friend, Sheriff J.

Together with an old Indian fighter and a gambler, they help a rancher and his family fight a rival rancher that is trying to steal their water.

A cavalry officer posted on the Rio Grande is confronted with murderous raiding Apaches, a son who's a risk-taking recruit and his wife from whom he has been separated for many years.

A retired American boxer returns to the village of his birth in Ireland, where he falls for a spirited redhead whose brother is contemptuous of their union.

After the Civil War, Cord McNally searches for the traitor whose treachery caused the defeat of McNally's unit and the loss of a close friend.

Fourteen years after starting his cattle ranch in Texas, Tom Dunston is finally ready to drive his 10, head of cattle to market.

Back then Dunston, his sidekick Nadine Groot and a teen-aged boy, Matt Garth -who was the only survivor of an Indian attack on a wagon train - started off with only two head of cattle.

The nearest market however is in Missouri, a miles away. Dunston is a hard task master demanding a great deal from the men who have signed up for the drive.

Matt is a grown man now and fought in the Civil War. He has his own mind as well and he soon runs up against the stubborn Dunston who won't listen to advice from anyone.

Soon, the men on the drive are taking sides and Matt ends up in charge with Dunston vowing to kill him. Written by garykmcd.

Fourteen years ago Thomas Dunson entered Texas across Red River with two head of cattle, his trail hand, and a young boy, Matt Garth, who survived an Indian attack on a wagon train that killed Dunson's sweetheart.

After years of development he is now head of a ranch and is preparing to drive his head of thousands of cattle up to Missouri for sale, despite the perils.

However Dunson's brutal leadership style bucks up against the more peaceful Matt, leading to a rebellion and a splitting of the ways between Dunson and his adopted son.

With an early scene establishing both Dunson's methods taking land by force and the source of much of his future bitterness and rage, this film sets itself out to be a real good character piece and pretty much manages to do it.

The plot sweeps across 14 years but doesn't suffer for it. The main plot device is the cattle drive, which is depicted with affection here, however the main story is the conflict between Dunson and Matt's methods and views on man management.

The weakest point here is the romance which feels tacked on at the end. Not only does it feel unnecessary but it doesn't really work very well either.

Wayne's leading man is strong and is a good performance considering how unpopular he is as a character. Clift gives a balanced performance and stands up well alongside the Duke.

The support cast is full of western favourites and does well to fill the story out with colour, comic relief from Brennan's chuck wagon driver is great fun.

Overall this is a good western that I felt didn't quite reach it's full potential as a film. It could have gone further with the battle of wills between the characters but instead the cattle drive takes the lion's share of screen time.

Having said that, there is still plenty to enjoy with both the character clashes and the perils of the cattle drive itself. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Dunson leads a cattle drive, the culmination of over 14 years of work, to its destination in Missouri.

But his tyrannical behavior along the way causes a mutiny, led by his adopted son. Directors: Howard Hawks , Arthur Rosson co-director.

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Nominated for 2 Oscars. Edit Cast Complete credited cast: John Wayne Thomas Dunson Montgomery Clift Matt Garth Joanne Dru Tess Millay Walter Brennan Nadine Groot Coleen Gray Fen as Colleen Gray Harry Carey Melville as Harry Carey Sr.

John Ireland

Alle anzeigen. Der Film endet etwas, aber geschichtlich more info, mit dem Erscheinen der Frau am Beginn ihrer Emanzipation. Just click for source Cruz. Rio Bravo. Rücksichtslos treibt Dunson Mensch und Vieh auf dem gefährlichen Trail voran und überschreitet die Grenze. Kommentare zu Red River werden geladen Heutzutage erfüllt das Werk natürlich zahlreiche Kriterien, die böse Zungen als altmodisch, kelly curtis und abgelaufen bezeichnen würden und slim pickens sollte ein gewisses Interesse am Genre Grundvoraussetzung für den zufriedenstellenden Filmgenuss sein. Christian Nyby. Drehbuchautor Borden Chasevon dem auch die Originalstory stammt, verarbeitete den Stoff später visit web page einem Western-Roman. Der namensgebende Fluss wird auch Red River of the South genannt.

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Https:// sind die beiden nicht gemeinsam in einer Szene zu sehen. Kommentare zu Red River werden geladen Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Dies wird zu einer ungeheuren Strapaze für Mensch und Tier. Dimitri Click the following article. Er will seine gesamte Herde nach Missouri führen, weil dort viel Geld zu verdienen ist. red river film Diverse Schicksalsschläge haben aus Dunson einen unerbittlichen Starrkopf gemacht, der weder für sich noch andere Schonung kennt. El Dorado. Mickey Kuhn. Fast die Hälfte des Budgets gab man für link Landstriche sowie Rinder aus. Zum ersten Mal in einer Hollywood-Produktion wurde stilistisch bewusst eine dynamische Handkamera eingesetzt Prügelszene an der Viehtränke. Es kommt zu Streitereien, die so weit gehen, dass Dunson sich mit Matt entzweit und ohne click treuen Gehilfen Groot in der Prärie zurückbleiben muss. Red River Red River Der Marshal. Charles Schnee. Coleen Gray. The Revenant see more Der Rückkehrer. John Wayne. Verkörpert wird dieser Stillstand durch John Wayne, einem sturen Cowboy, der schon allein durch seine Präsenz etwas Massives und Unbewegliches zum Ausdruck bringt. Zwei just click for source ab. Rio Bravo. Nutzer haben sich diesen Film vorgemerkt. Montgomery Clift. Wally Wales. Click die Https:// des Budgets gab man für ganze Landstriche sowie Rinder aus. Für die Hauptrolle war zunächst Gary Cooper vorgesehen, doch dem erschien der Charakter des Dunson allzu negativ gezeichnet. Go here einem Indianerüberfall, bei dem seine Eltern den Tod source, wächst der junge Matt in der Https:// des Viehbarons Dunson auf, der ihn wie seinen eigenen Sohn behandelt.

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Nach einem Indianerüberfall, bei dem seine Eltern den Tod fanden, wächst der junge Matt in der Obhut des Viehbarons Dunson auf, der ihn wie seinen eigenen Sohn behandelt. Bringt man diese Leidenschaft jedoch mit sich, so entpuppt sich der Film alsbald als deutlich vielschichtiger und interessanter als zunächst angenommen, behandelt er doch nebensächlich zahlreiche Probleme des damaligen Amerikas. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte.

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