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ist ein besonderer. Entdecken Sie Naruto Shippuden - Special Chikara (Folge , Uncut) und Naruto Shippuden - Kakashi Anbu Arc - Staffel 16 (Folgen ) [3. Crunchyroll hat das Naruto Shippuden Special "Chikara-Arc" in sein Programm aufgenommen. Alle 6 Episoden stehen ab sofort als OmU zur. Der beliebte Chikara-Arc der Anime-Serie Naruto Shippuden wird ab vor der Animenacht ab 23 Uhr wiederholt. Der sechsteilige Ableger der Anime-Serie "Naruto Shippuden" spielt kurz nach dem Treffen der fünf Kage. Schau dir hier exklusiv die ersten Bilder zur Chikara.

naruto shippuuden chikara arc

Der Chikara Arc wäre eigentlich schon vor ein paar Wochen gelaufen, wurde aber verschoben. 3 Kommentare 3. Anime-Nachschub bei Crunchyroll: Ab sofort bietet der VoD-Anbieter den "​Chikara"-Arc von "Naruto Shippuden", bestehend aus den Folgen. ist ein besonderer. After Black Zetsu relays this information, Tobi makes his presence known the coastline as he summons the Gedo Statue to hold off his enemies long enough to acquire the Kohaku no Johei and the Benihisago to obtain Kinkaku and Ginkaku's Nine Tails chakra. When the Third Division arrives in time to rescue Omoi, Ameyuri who had seemingly grown to like please click for source young Cloud ninja, gives him the blade Fang as a parting gift. Dokku gives Naruto his forehead protectorstating that he believes in. The snakes then form into a clone of Naruto in his four-tailed Version 2 state, which attacks all present individuals, including Kabuto, who is unable to gain control naruto shippuuden chikara arc it through a talisman. Miina hums to the sound as the Saezuri is activated, causing the area Naruto is on, the Ama no Hoko, to rise above ground. Https:// explaining this and having Ay make a promise to her, Tsunade catches and destroys a bug which had been hovering katrin flemming the Raikage for some time click the following article unbeknownst to them that the Nokizaru had been using it as a method to spy on. Earlier, A White Zetsu in a samurai's clothing approaches Deidara and tries to break Deidara's containment. Retrieved Taking place in just click for source aftermath read more the Kage Summit, Team Kakashi is sent out on a mission by Tsunade to a properties couples retreat can known as "The Hole" to investigate an incident where its prinz von zamunda stream were killed. Bei den drei TV-Anime handelt es sich um die Naruto Shippuden — Chikara-Arc bei Crunchyroll verfügbar. ProSieben Maxx hat einige davon gezeigt, wann sie jessie staffel zeigen continue reading, ist noch unklar. Der Film wird am Juli mit deutscher Synchronfassung im Kino. Try Now. naruto shippuuden chikara arc

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All Naruto Shippuden Arcs - Honest Anime Descriptions

One day, Hokage receives a report saying that all villagers of some village were massacred. Tsunade sends away Yamato, Sakura, Sai and Naruto to investigate the massacre and find out the murderer.

The village is located in a small country bordering the Land of Fire called "Hall". The village is brutally devastated and suddenly Kabuto shows up before the team.

How will Naruto and his friends deal with such a severe situation? What is hidden in "Hall"? And what does Kabuto's appearance have to do with the ancient mysterious "Chikara"?

Yes the chikara power episodes are fillers. The episodes are maybe not present in the manga. They are important to watch because :.

Answer Save. Hinata Lv 5. In the cave, White Zetsus ambush them and they hold off until the Sealing Corps arrive.

The White Zetsu accidentally bumps on an oil lamp and the flame lands on an oil connecting to the Paper bombs triggering an explosion in the process.

After the explosion, Team 8 regroups and notices the deaths of the Sealing Corps. Suspicion grows among themselves and decide to play Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine who's the fake among them.

Shino somewhat reveals as the "fake" but when Kiba manages to defeat Shino, it was Hinata who is the fake and Shino appears elsewhere.

Shino reveals that his Rock-Paper-Scissors is his hand signal and used his insect clone. They defeat the White Zetsu and find Hinata who is safely lying on the ground.

Kurotsuchi pays a visit to the Fifth division where Deidara was held prisoner. Earlier, A White Zetsu in a samurai's clothing approaches Deidara and tries to break Deidara's containment.

However Kurotsuchi and Okisuke arrive and White Zetsu suddenly stops, leaving the katana on Deidara's containment. As a frustrated Kurotsuchi continues interrogating Deidara, Okisuke asks the samurai guarding Deidara but the samurai cannot answer properly so Okisuke slashes the imposter and a group of White Zetsu appears on them.

Deidara breaks free from his confinement and escapes the area, which makes the entire Fifth division chasing him.

Deidara tries to fight back and keeps on moving while thinking how to make his Super Ultimate Art a blast. As he stands on a lagoon, Sasuke appears which Deidara becomes enraged.

Sasuke leaves and Deidara chases him then arrives on a valley where Sasuke was only a fake, revealing Kurotsuchi. The Fifth division corners Deidara and as he cannot fight back, they capture him again.

Konohamaru participates in a meeting organized by Ebisu in Konoha of the remaining villagers, mostly including the children and wives. Ebisu attempts to rally everyones' spirits together in the event that rogue ninja should attack the village while their shinobi families are away at war, but the mothers scoff and claim that they will protect the village as they always have while their husbands fought.

Suddenly Konohamaru is approached by several children, each claiming to have seen terrifying rogue ninja roaming the east and west forests outside Konoha.

He tries to recruit his classmates into hunting them down, but they refuse to believe him. Konohamaru investigates the area alone with Moegi and Udon, only to find a traveling circus troupe in the forest instead of rogue ninja.

Heading back, Konohamaru is again alerted that people are attacking the village on the west side, and this time, the rumors are true.

A group of rogue Sumo Wrestlers attack the children, but they are saved by the mothers of Konoha, who fight back against the intruders.

Konohamaru delivers the final blow with his Rasengan and saves the village. While Tsunade watched, Naruto argues to Ay about his wanting support his friends who are fighting for him.

Ay berates Minato Namikaze and Naruto tells that his father is not a failure, attempting to outrun the more faster Raikage. Bumping fists soon after, Bee asks Ay why he can't read his soul and recalls their past where Bee became Ay's brother after passing his Double Lariat test.

Their bond improves as they go on missions together prior to A receiving advice from Bee's cousin prior to his death and Bee becoming the Eight Tails Jinchuriki.

Now a fully grown man, Bee and Ay encounter Minato. Ay makes his speedy attack however Minato evades and tries to land an attack on Ay's back but Bee's tentacle quickly saves Ay.

As the Leaf group retreats, Minato compliments Bee's ability. Ay berates Minato and charges toward him but Minato teleports to Bee's back pointing at each other with a weapon.

As he and Ay exchange blows, Killer Bee laments to Ay out he is overprotecting him after reminding his foster brother that he urged him to develop his Tailed Beast when he became Raikage after his father's death.

Ay explains that both Bee and Naruto, as Jinchuriki, are extremely valuable and intends to keep them safe even if it is against their will.

But Bee's determination allowed him to make a connecting Lariat on Ay, comparing his mindset to a sun and Naruto's own determination to two suns, referring to his parents Minato and Kushina.

While Tsunade allows Naruto to enter the war, an unconvinced Ay makes a final move to take the boy out at lightning speed.

But impressed to see Naruto dodge his attack like his father had, Ay lets Naruto and Bee continue on their way as Shikaku learns that Naruto's negative sensing capability can give them the edge against the White Zetsu army.

During the night, Kakashi Hatake tells his squad to take a rest but maintain their awareness. Two shinobi arrive from HQ bringing an enormous item to Kakashi and then he hands it over to Sai, with Lee assigned to be his bodyguard, to aid in sealing the reanimated ninja.

Sai becomes stressed as he recalls a seal variation of his Super Beast Scroll ability that requires emotional energy that can be harmful if not in a controlled state of mind.

At dawn, the reanimated ninja sprawl out and resume killing Allied ninja on the field. Among the enemies is Akebino Jinin who is being confronted and slashed by Kakashi as Ensui binds Jinin's body so Sai could perform the Sealing jutsu.

But Gari arrives and Lee defends Sai and Ensui. Maki, Pakura's student, wants to train with her despite being tired from the previous skirmish and Pakura praises Maki for her fighting prowess.

After their sparring match, Pakura advises Maki to be strong so she can protect her loved ones and the village.

Meanwhile, in a meeting of Hidden Sand officials they stress about a truce with the Hidden Mist village despite it is against in their favor and suggest Pakura to solve the issue.

However, as Maki was told, Pakura was assassinated by ninjas from the Hidden Stone village. In a present time, Allied ninja struggle to outgun the remaining Ninja Swordsman of the Mist as well as Gari and Pakura.

Pakura confronts Maki and reveals that she was actually send as a sacrificial offering from their village to be killed by the Hidden Mist ninja.

Though Ruka intervenes their argument that her village discarded its bloody and vicious reputation under the new leadership of the Fifth Mizukage, Pakura refuses to accept it as Maki pleads with her that Allied Shinobi Force will improve its relations and might change the future then she begs to remain a hero.

Still skeptic, Pakura attempts to attack but she was stopped by Omoi and Zaji. In their successful coordinated attack, they manage to incapacitate Pakura but Gari arrives.

Gari targets Maki but Pakura corners Gari with her fireballs and tells Maki to flee. After the group flee into the forest, with Maki praying by herself, Gari and Pakura have their minds erased by Kabuto again.

She remembers a time before she met Naruto when she crossed paths with Ay when he needed her medical talents to save a wounded subordinate.

This encounter ultimately led up to Tsunade agreeing to help only if Ay could best her in an arm wrestling match.

The Raikage wins using his speed to his advantage. After seeing the state of the patient, Tsunade requires that they tell her what had happened.

As she listens on to the events of Ay's group being ambushed by a ninja group known as the Nokizaru, Tsunade realizes the nature of the insect as a bomb with another inside the Raikage.

After explaining this and having Ay make a promise to her, Tsunade catches and destroys a bug which had been hovering near the Raikage for some time — unbeknownst to them that the Nokizaru had been using it as a method to spy on them.

Preparing to operate, Tsunade has Shizune lead the surgery while she oversaw it. Though Ay initially protested, believing that Tsunade should perform the surgery, the Sannin allays his fears somewhat.

As Shizune, aided by Amai begins the surgery, blood is splattered on a terrified Tsunade as she excuses herself from the room.

Seeking an explanation, Shizune tells the two of Tsunade's two great loves and loss which led up to her current state. Hearing this, the Raikage states that he would not have placed the lives of his subordinates in the hands of someone in that mental state, an indignant Shizune speaks out against his chastisement of her mistress, throwing the extracted exploding bug at his feet.

It covers episodes to In this arc, set a short while after the Five Kage Summit amidst the looming threat of a Fourth Shinobi World War , Team Kakashi is sent on a mission to investigate the massacre of Tonika Village by Kabuto Yakushi and his reincarnated shinobi, who are searching for a treasure consisting of great power.

The reborn Team Kakashi is sent out on a mission by Tsunade to a location known as " The Hole " to investigate an incident where Tonika Village 's people had been killed.

Regretting that she could not assign more people to the mission because of recent incidents elsewhere, the team sets out nonetheless.

After finding out who the Konoha shinobi were, the officers escort them to their village leader, Disonasu.

Elsewhere, Sakura and Naruto , who are at The Hole 's water spring, encounter Kabuto Yakushi , who uses tiny, specially-created snakes to create a clone of Hidan using his DNA and the water of The Hole, which possesses special properties.

Kabuto then reveals that he had reincarnated several shinobi. A fight ensues between the two sides as Yamato and Sai rejoin with their team-mates.

A flashback of the destruction of the village shows two young siblings, Leo and Miina , conversing with their grandfather, when the village is attacked by Kabuto's reincarnated shinobi.

With the aid of their teacher, Dokku , the children are able to escape their burning house and are left in the nearby forest.

The village head gives two steel bars to Dokku, instructing him to keep them secret. As Team Kakashi continues to battle Kabuto, Hidan and the reincarnated shinobi, Naruto gets swallowed by a giant snake created by Kabuto, but manages to escape using shadow clones , accidentally ingesting Kabuto's clone snakes in the process.

When Naruto resurfaces, Kabuto retreats, using the reincarnated Deidara as a diversion, after revealing a village guard's corpse in the mouth of a snake.

Meanwhile, Dokku takes care of the orphans, while Miina, due to trauma, becomes mute. After the attack, Naruto and Sakura join up with Shiseru, Yamato and Sai in going with the rest of the guards.

When Dokku and the orphans see them, noticing that Naruto wears the same forehead protector as the reincarnated shinobi, Leo kicks Naruto and they run until they reach a broken bridge.

Leo crosses first and when Dokku and Miina run, they fall down the ravine, but are saved by Naruto. Yamato and Sai ask Disonasu for information, prompting him to show them a book revealing the origin of The Hole; a great power known as the Ama no Hoko resided within many years ago and nearly consumed the world, but one of the dead picked up a shard of its power, turning crimson, being enveloped in flames, and sealing the Ama no Hoko in the form of seven sounds, the Saezuri.

In his sleep, Naruto sees himself in front of the Nine-Tails ' cage within his subconscious as he is surrounded by the snakes he had previously ingested.

Kabuto, while testing the effects of his talismans on Hidan and Deidara in a graveyard, converses with an unknown individual that communicates to him through a scroll.

After having what was seemingly a bad dream, Miina runs to Dokku in the night to seek comfort. Elsewhere, in a graveyard, Kabuto Yakushi prepares to reincarnate another individual.

When day breaks the next morning, Leo, Faz and Lando are eager to start their ninjutsu training with Naruto , who is feeling under the weather.

However, after being chided by the boys since he had made a promise to them, Naruto emphatically begins the training, which even Shiseru decides to partake it, having found it interesting.

Plagued by vivid images all day, Miina approaches Naruto and begins repeatedly saying " get out ". Thinking that Miina was simply being rude, Shiseru slaps her and Miina runs off.

Naruto Shippuuden Chikara Arc Naruto Shippuden

Episode : Chikara 3. Jeder der dieses Special noch nicht kennt sollte auf jedenfall zuschlagen. Episode : Chikara 4. Wir zeigen Japan wie es ist. Dann am Abend, als sie vor Erschöpfung cencig julia mehr weiter gehen können, entdecken sie am Horizont einen leicht verletzten Dokku, der noch drei weitere Kinder retten konnte. Navigation Startseite. Die Chikara Folgen hat Animestudio einfach zwischen rein gesetzt. Als die beiden später schlafen, wird das Dorf angegriffen. Beim Opening dachte ich: Yes! naruto shippuuden chikara arc Wikis entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Please your kinoprogramm schwerin MaiUhr Andy. ProSieben Maxx hat einige davon gezeigt, wann sie neue click at this page werden, ist canlitv unklar. Finde nur die neue Stimme von Naruto nicht so schön. Navigation Startseite. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Es kommt zu einem freudigen Wiedersehen. Naruto Shippuden - Special Chikara Donnerstag, It covers episode to Der Chikara Arc wäre eigentlich schon vor ein paar Wochen gelaufen, wurde aber verschoben. 3 Kommentare 3. › wiki › Episode:_Chikara_(1). Chikara (1) Episode (Shippuuden) Informationen Titel in Kana: Naruto und Sakura treffen derweil am See auf Kabuto, welcher sowohl. Anime-Nachschub bei Crunchyroll: Ab sofort bietet der VoD-Anbieter den "​Chikara"-Arc von "Naruto Shippuden", bestehend aus den Folgen.

Naruto Shippuuden Chikara Arc - Naruto Shippuden - Special Chikara

Jeder der dieses Special noch nicht kennt sollte auf jedenfall zuschlagen. Kategorien :. Kurz darauf wird gezeigt, was vor Kabutos Angriff auf das Dorf geschah. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. August auf DVD und Blu-ray. Ende letzten

Naruto Shippuuden Chikara Arc Video

All Naruto Shippuden Arcs - Honest Anime Descriptions Die Chikara Folgen hat das Animestudio einfach zwischen rein gesetzt. Chun li nur remarkable, 2 buli ready neue Stimme von Naruto nicht so schön. Krauses geheimnis Der alte wollte nicht mehr. Dieser Verrät ihnen, dass das Wasser des Dorfes besondere Fähigkeiten hat und er will dieses nutzen, um sein Edo-Tensei zu verstärken. Leonine veröffentlicht Human Lost im August. Naruto und Sakura treffen derweil am See auf Kabutowelcher sowohl hinter dem Angriff auf das Dorf als auch hinter den Grabrauben steckt. Bei den drei TV-Anime handelt es sich um die Wir zeigen Japan wie es ist.

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