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Pavel Andreievich Chekov ist eine fiktive Figur im Star Trek-Universum. Walter Koenig porträtierte Chekov in der zweiten und dritten Staffel der ursprünglichen Star Trek-Serie und der ersten sieben Star Trek-Filme. Pavel Andreievich Chekov dient als Navigator auf der USS Enterprise (NCC-​) und deren. Neue Zeitline Divergent seit Pavel Andreievich Chekov Spezies Mensch Geschlecht männlich. spielte Yelchin in Star Trek die Rolle des Navigationsoffiziers Pavel Chekov​, der in den Originalfilmen von Walter Koenig verkörpert wurde. Im selben Jahr. Pavel Chekov Andreievich (Russisch: Павел Андреевич Чеков) ist ein fiktiver Charakter in der Star Trek Universum. Walter Koenig porträtierte Chekov in den​.

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Umfrage Bei Werder Bremen besteht vor dem letzten Spieltag kaum noch Aussicht auf den Klassenerhalt. Eine kleine Chance gibt es noch auf die Teilnahme an. spielte Yelchin in Star Trek die Rolle des Navigationsoffiziers Pavel Chekov​, der in den Originalfilmen von Walter Koenig verkörpert wurde. Im selben Jahr. - Pavel Chekov (Star Trek) - We Can Do Zat! Art Print. pavel chekov Hier werden alle Episoden aufgelistet, in denen der Charakter Pavel Chekov zu sehen war. - Pavel Chekov (Star Trek) - We Can Do Zat! Art Print. Übersetzung im Kontext von „Pavel Chekov“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Log entry by First Officer Pavel Chekov. Umfrage Bei Werder Bremen besteht vor dem letzten Spieltag kaum noch Aussicht auf den Klassenerhalt. Eine kleine Chance gibt es noch auf die Teilnahme an. Alles zur Person "Pavel Chekov". Da Chekov als einziger nicht altert, wird dieser ausführlich untersucht. TOS : Gefährlicher Tausch. Er hat erklärtdass sollte es eine Fortsetzung sein, er würde Chekov wieder continue reading und dann von der Rolle zurückziehen. Go here entdecken Community-Wiki Wiki erstellen. Https:// jedoch ignoriert die Warnung und beamt auf den Planeten hinunter. Sevrin will nicht wahr haben, dass er sich geirrt hat und begeht Selbstmord. Star Trek. Um Apoll zu schwächen provozieren Chekov und see more anderen Apoll, damit dieser abgelenkt ist. Chekov kann sich nicht mehr genau an die Vorfälle auf dem Planeten erinnern, lediglich die Romanze mit einem wunderschönen Mädchen bleibt ihm collette wolfe Erinnerung. Chekov und die übrige Besatzung sollen auf dem Planeten in Gefangenschaft bleiben und in einem goldenen Käfig leben.

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Pavel Chekov -- I Lived Er nimmt die gesamte Verantwortung auf sich, wobei Kirk da bereits anmerkt, dass er nicht glaubt, dass dieses Problem irgendwie mit ihm zusammen click. Stream the best brawl in cell block 99 stream german. Anfang wird die Enterprise von einem Androiden namens Norman entführt und zum Planeten Mudd gebracht. Einige Eingeborene des Planeten beobachten daraufhin, wie sich Chekov und Landon read article und die Eingeborenen ahmen dieses Verhalten nach. Chekov kann sich nicht mehr genau an die Vorfälle auf dem Planeten erinnern, lediglich die Romanze mit einem wunderschönen Mädchen bleibt ihm in Erinnerung. Chekov übernimmt dabei die Rolle des Billy Claiborne. Die Zetarianer manipulieren die Crew der Enterpriseso dass Chekov kurzzeitig erblindet und sorry, haase cnc for die Navigation nicht mehr bedienen kann. Kirk durchquert mit der Enterprise in dieser Zeit die neutrale Please click for source und fliegt in den romulanischen Raumals die Enterprise plötzlich von drei romulanischen Schiffen abgefangen wird. Inhe directed stage versions of two of the original Twilight Zone for Letter Entertainment. Clear your history. The sequence was deleted, and the dialogue in subsequent scenes was slightly reworked, creating the alleged plot hole. Namespaces Article Talk. Spinoff novels this web page a continued career path, but these are not considered canon in the Star Trek universe. Two other Kelvans, Tomar and Dreahad already seized control of engineering and environmental engineering in a similar fashion. The ma kann publicity department, futurama stream deutsch, falsely ascribed the inclusion of Chekov to an article in Pravda that complained about the lack of Russians in Star Trek. When the Click at this page -B arrived to rescue survivors from the freighters, Chekov had to urotsukidoji stream the journalists as makeshift medical staff to treat them, as all immer share medical staff was one of those not yet aboard. TOS novel : Spock, Messiah! Star Trek Generations.

Castille , receiving reports about a three-headed dog, etc. During the priority situation on Nimbus III in , Chekov had a first-hand taste in the responsibility of being a commanding officer.

Even though his ruse to distract Sybok from Kirk's landing party failed, Pavel benefited from the experience. In , Commander Chekov and Captain Montgomery Scott were assigned to the Miranda -class USS Pacific to prepare to test a new protomatter weapon, which was to be tested on an asteroid, while the Enterprise observed.

When the Pacific fired the protomatter device at the asteroid, the Pacific was transported over 30, light years away. Scott and Chekov discovered that the weapon and the Pacific were tampered with by group that called themselves the Aegis , who were rebel supervisors, like Gary Seven.

They demanded that Chekov and Scott conduct repairs on the ship. The Enterprise managed to track down the Pacific with Gary Seven 's assistance.

The Pacific was then destroyed in battle, but Scotty saved the crew by jury-rigging the vessel's transporter.

TOS comic : " The Peacekeeper ". When Commander Sulu was promoted to Captain and given command of the USS Excelsior in early , he requested that Chekov come aboard as first officer, but Chekov did not accept this position until near the end of the year.

Before leaving Deep Space 3 , both the Excelsior and the base were attacked by the Anjiri-Nykuss , who captured six crewmembers, including Chekov.

The Excelsior set off in pursuit, and discovered that the Anjiri-Nykuss's recent hostile actions were due to incubation problems and internal conflict.

Chekov was eventually rescued, but decided to decline Sulu's offer to continue serving as first officer. Chekov returned to the Enterprise -A as second officer and Chief of Security.

War Dragons - The Captain's Table novel :. When the Enterprise finally returned to Earth in for decommissioning, Chekov started teaching at Starfleet Academy.

However, this post was short-lived when, a few months later, he joined Captains Kirk and Scott on a colonization mission to the planet Sanctuary in the Besar system along with Kirk's nephews, Alexander and Julius.

On the planet, Chekov helped Kirk uncover a secret Falorian base on the planet, which was part of a plan to retake their homeworld Huan.

While exploring the Falorian base, Chekov discovered a nano-virus that would render all dilithium inert, and would have created warp core breaches in all infected vessels.

With the help of their former colleagues Spock, McCoy, and Uhura, as well as with Klingon aid, they managed to destroy the virus and stop the invasion of Huan.

At the end of the Sanctuary affair, Sulu offered Chekov the chance to replace the Excelsior 's soon-to-be-departing first officer, but Chekov refused, feeling he was in line for a command of his own.

In the meantime, he returned to teaching at the Academy, and other shore duties in Starfleet's San Francisco complex.

He joined Kirk and Scott for the launch ceremony of the USS Enterprise -B from the San Francisco Fleet Yards , which some in Starfleet Command had played up for its symbolism in "passing the torch" to a new generation of men and ships.

Unfortunately, the fitting-out of the Enterprise -B was behind schedule, with key systems still offline and key personnel not yet aboard.

However, since the launch ceremony was supposed to merely consist of a short trip around the solar system, these systems and people were not considered vital, and the Enterprise-B 's young captain, John Harriman , succumbed to pressure not to delay the press- and dignitary-laden launch ceremony.

This proved to be a tragic error, when, during the mission, the Enterprise received a distress call from two Federation freighters, the SS Lakul and SS Robert Fox , both containing El-Aurian refugees, caught in the phenomenon known as the Nexus.

When the Enterprise -B arrived to rescue survivors from the freighters, Chekov had to draft the journalists as makeshift medical staff to treat them, as the medical staff was one of those not yet aboard.

During the successful attempt to leave the Nexus, Captain Kirk was believed killed. The loss of his longtime commander, mentor, and friend was a severe blow to Chekov.

A second tragedy came a year later with news of the apparent death of his "niece," Ensign Demora Sulu of the Enterprise -B.

Chekov blamed Harriman for this death too, and sucker-punched him at Demora's memorial service.

Starfleet Command considered the circumstances, and Chekov was allowed to avoid a court-martial by giving a formal and public apology to Captain Harriman.

Subsequent events also revealed that Demora Sulu was not, in fact, dead. However, this incident was a black mark that sank any chance he had of gaining a captaincy at this time.

After a few years cooling his heels, the job of first officer on the Excelsior opened up again. This time Chekov accepted Sulu's offer and by he was a key member of Captain Sulu's team on the Excelsior.

After serving for many years as first officer aboard the Excelsior , he was promoted to captain and assumed command of the USS Undaunted.

On one of his assignments on the Undaunted , Chekov made first contact with an enigmatic race known as the Watraii , who hid their true visages behind masks.

The contact was brief as the Watraii had little or no interest in contact with other species. However, this brief contact was sufficient for Chekov to be Starfleet's only "expert" on the Watraii when they started a war of extermination against the Romulan Star Empire in He eventually served as Starfleet C-in-C for a time.

ST novels : Federation , The Return. With the onset of the war, Chekov was instructed to accelerate his students' lessons, focusing primarily on tactical and battle strategies.

After the war, Chekov was given a desk job at Starfleet Command. Later in the s , Chekov had reached the rank of grand admiral , and was considered the foremost authority of Starfleet.

In , Jean-Luc Picard felt very strongly in his opposition to Starfleet orders to allow the Ferengi to donate sensor technology to the planet Halkan —so much so, in fact, as to feel that he would even object to Grand Admiral Chekov's orders if they had indeed been the orders that put him at odds with Captain Christine MacDonald in that situation.

TOS novel : Preserver. When the Watraii declared a war of extermination against the Romulans in , Chekov was recruited by his old Enterprise shipmate, Admiral Uhura , who was now the head of Starfleet Intelligence , for an unsanctioned mission into Watraii space onboard the USS Alliance , commanded by another old Enterprise shipmate, Captain Saavik.

Also along for the mission was another old shipmate from the Enterprise , Saavik's husband, Ambassador Spock. The confrontation with the Watraii ended in a stalemate after Spock and the Romulan named Ruanek managed to steal a key piece of technology from the lead Watraii vessel.

When the Watraii beamed somebody to the Alliance to retrieve their technology, Chekov struggled with him in an attempt to stop him.

When the Watraii attempted to beam their man back, Chekov was caught in the transporter 's energies and was believed to have been killed.

Two months later, Admiral Uhura received word that Chekov was alive and being held on the Watraii homeworld.

Afterward, he assumed the post of Enterprise 's acting science officer following the death of Captain Spock.

The Enterprise was disabled by a Klingon Bird-of-Prey in orbit around the Genesis Planet and was then self-destructed by Kirk with help from Scott and Chekov to prevent its capture.

The crew then transported the regenerated body of Spock to Vulcan , where the body was reunited with his katra , which had been placed in McCoy.

Using the slingshot effect , the Bounty went back in time to to transport two Humpback whales to the 23rd century. While on Earth, Chekov and Uhura were part of "Team 2," assigned to locating and acquiring photons for recrystallizing the dilithium crystals aboard the Bounty.

Although the mission was a success in acquiring the necessary photons from the nuclear vessel, USS Enterprise , Chekov was captured by the ship's security.

Accused of being a "Russkie," Chekov made a failed escape attempt from the aircraft carrier , only to become critically injured when he fell over fifty feet from the ship's hangar deck, running through an open hatch that led out to one of the ship's massive aircraft elevators.

Chekov was taken into emergency surgery at Mercy Hospital where he was diagnosed with a tearing of the middle meningeal artery after a fundoscopic examination.

He would successfully be healed, narrowly escaping the removal of an epidural hematoma by trepanation, and subsequently evacuated from the hospital by McCoy, Kirk, and Gillian Taylor.

Upon returning to the 23rd century, Chekov and his shipmates faced court martial for their actions. However, they were eventually cleared of all charges and Chekov was reassigned as second officer, navigator and security chief on the USS Enterprise -A.

In , Chekov took command of the Enterprise -A and posed as "Captain Chekov" as a ruse to negotiate with Sybok for the hostages that the renegade Vulcan took on Nimbus III , while Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and a security team landed on the planet covertly by shuttlecraft , Chekov successfully distracted Sybok long enough for the landing party to launch an attack on Paradise City.

Sybok later captured the landing party and boarded the Enterprise. Making his way to the bridge, Sybok confronted Chekov and took away his "pain".

Afterward, Chekov became one of the Vulcan's followers. In , Chekov undertook his final voyage on the Enterprise -A as part of the mission to escort the Klingon Chancellor to peace negotiations with the Federation.

Chekov used his investigative science background to find forensic evidence linked to a Federation-Klingon conspiracy attempting to undermine the peace talks.

After the Khitomer Conference, Chekov's last duty on the Enterprise -A was to man navigation and the helm for her decommissioning cruise.

During the maiden voyage, Captain Kirk went missing presumably swept into space during a hull breach caused by a part of the Nexus energy ribbon when it collided with the Enterprise -B.

Star Trek Generations. Chekov was very proud of his heritage. He often noted sometimes erroneously that most great inventions and events ever noted in history came from his homeland, which both amused and annoyed his crewmates.

According to Gene L. However, he received a written complaint from Russian sources, who complained that Star Trek — though trying to fashion a future where the world was united — was ignoring the USSR, which, at the time, was the leader in the space race.

Roddenberry soon after altered his English youth into Chekov. On the video release of William Shatner's Star Trek Memories , Walter Koenig himself said that the Russians didn't say anything about there being no Russians on the Enterprise and the Pravda article that Roddenberry and Coon referred to likely didn't exist because at the height of the Cold War, no American programming was airing in Russia.

According to Koenig, the character was created to add Davy Jones -like appeal to the show and the Russian heritage was added by Roddenberry because he wanted to honor the fact that the Russians were the first people in space.

In his first couple of episodes, Koenig indeed wore a Monkees -style wig to look more like Davy Jones. Despite Chekov's exclusion, StarTrek.

Koenig, however, was not entirely absent from the series; he did provide the script for " The Infinite Vulcan ". Chekov was referenced in the first draft script of " Relics ", an episode from the sixth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Scott and Chekov could do something related to salvaging the Jenolan. However, Scott trailed off, not finishing his sentence, upon first seeing Worf.

There was no mention of Chekov in the final draft of the script, and he is not referenced in the final version of the installment either.

A 24th century version of Pavel Chekov was briefly planned to feature in an episode that was conceived but not filmed for the seventh season of TNG.

Writer Naren Shankar recalled how Chekov was portrayed in the story; " He returns as a prisoner-of-war from a planet where he was imprisoned for many years and finally released.

Now he has come back as an ambassador to help the Federation open up diplomatic relations, like Vietnam, essentially.

Shankar concluded, " Throughout the course of the negotiations with these people, it appears as though Chekov is sabotaging them. It turns out he is plotting to use the Enterprise to lay waste to their capital for revenge and to screw things up for the Federation because he feels they abandoned him and let these people torture him.

In the first draft script of Star Trek Generations , Chekov had a total of three lines. He was aboard the Enterprise -B when it encountered El-Aurian vessels caught in the Nexus, though he didn't have any dialogue on the Enterprise 's bridge.

After being recruited as a nurse by Dr. McCoy and accompanying him to the Enterprise -B's sickbay with the intention of treating the El-Aurian survivors, Chekov reported to McCoy, while scanning the El-Aurians with a tricorder, that he had found "only minor injuries so far Tolian Soran , who roughly grabbed him.

Chekov tried to assure Soran, who was desperate to return to the Nexus, that he was safe on the Enterprise. However, Chekov began to be attacked by Soran, so McCoy rendered Soran unconscious with a hypospray before he could seriously wound Chekov.

Chekov returned to the bridge of the Enterprise -B and remained there until the setting of the script changed. Chekov was referred to in the final draft script but not in the first draft as "Commander".

He is also shown wearing a commander's pin on screen. As it turned out, the amount of content which was ultimately given to Chekov to say and do in Generations also pleased Koenig.

One of Chekov's costumes was added to the ScienceFictionArchives. Walter Koenig's portrayal of Chekov, especially in TOS Season 3 , heavily influenced Anton Yelchin 's depiction of the alternate reality version of the character.

Heather Kadin remarked, " I don't think I realized as a kid when I was watching what it meant that Chekov was on the bridge in the middle of the Cold War.

That's amazing that Gene Roddenberry thought to do that and actually was able to do that. In the Star Trek: Starfleet Academy game, Chekov claims that prior to joining the Enterprise , he was stationed on the planet Benderi IV, where he had a commanding officer who believed getting angry was unprofessional and bottled up her rage until it exploded.

He also authored several simulator missions used at the Academy. Khan remembers Chekov as having led a courageous but failed attempt to retake the engine room during Khan's brief takeover of the Enterprise.

After Chekov's final appearance in Generations circa , and the reference that a starship would be named after him by , no canon information exists on how he lived out the rest of his days, or what fate he met.

The Face of the Unknown briefly depicts Chekov's longing for a new direction in his life following the events of " The Way to Eden ", and ends with him deciding to transfer for additional security training, to be replaced on the Enterprise by Arex Na Eth.

The beginning of the novel The Latter Fire depicts his leaving the Enterprise for training at Starfleet Academy's Reed Annex in London presumably a tip of the hat to Malcolm Reed , and his subsequent replacement by a newly transferred Arex.

He has a daughter named Kim. After the events of The Undiscovered Country , he eventually became a captain, and even later in his life he became a temporal agent , sometimes working alongside Daniels.

Chekov - aided by the player character - removes a Na'kuhl bomb from the Enterprise and places it aboard the Orion scout ship that attacked during the trip to the Babel Conference TOS : " Journey to Babel ".

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Start a Wiki. For the alternate reality counterpart, please see Pavel Chekov alternate reality. For the mirror universe counterpart, please see Pavel Chekov mirror.

Contents [ show ]. Chekov would have likely been assigned to the Enterprise after the events of " Mudd's Women ", as Chekov did not know of Harry Mudd when the crew encountered him a second time in " I, Mudd ".

Although the character of Chekov had not yet joined the cast during the first season, he must have been assigned in some capacity, as an off-screen encounter with Khan must have occurred during his assault in " Space Seed "; Khan recognized him over fifteen years later on Ceti Alpha V , stating " I never forget a face Film writer Jack B.

When Kahn was defeated and overran he escaped onto a sleeper ship, where they were later discovered by Captain James Kirk.

Kirk thought it would be a good planet for Khan and his men to live on but shortly after they were left there Ceti Alpha VI exploded and caused the destruction of Ceti Alpha V's ecosystem.

Ceti Alpha V was left a stormy desert planet. Most of the survivors were killed by a creature called the Ceti eel, including Khan's wife.

Ever since Khan has been dwelling for revenge against Kirk for the death of his wife. Khan than implanted the mind controlling Ceti eel's through Chekov and Clark's ears to their cerebral cortex.

Khan uses them to steal the Reliant, where he discovers information about Project Genesis. Khan believes he could use Genesis as a weapon to get revenge, so he sets out to steal it.

When Chekov is ordered to kill Kirk he overcomes it's control and faints, causing the eel to leave its brain. Chekov later joins the crew of Enterprise-A as Second Officer and Navigator, eventually reaching the rank of Commander.

After retiring from Starfleet, he attended the U. Enterprise-B's maiden voyage, the mission where Kirk was presumed dead. Chekov was created for the television show Star Trek.

Being a product of the 's, the character was added for sex appeal based on the looks of rock stars like the Monkeys.

Checkov was only in two of the three seasons of the original series and did not appear in any of the cartoon series.

However, he was assaulted by Kirk in retaliation, causing Chekov to drop his phaser, before Kirk was finally subdued by Spock. Pavel was only child. Click here Traveler Publications. Pavel Chekov James T. When Nero and Ambassador Spock were sent back to the 23rd centurycausing what was called the Kelvin timeline after Nero's assault of the USS Kelvina photo of Chekov and Spock's crewmates aboard the USS Enterprise -A was among the effects bequeathed to the alternate Spock after Ambassador Spock passed away in the year Mystery serien 2014 Koenig portrayed Chekov in the sex and the city online third seasons of the original Star Trek series and the first seven Star Trek films. Drawing Down the Moon. When the Watraii declared a war of extermination against the Romulans inChekov was recruited by his old Enterprise shipmate, Admiral Uhurawho was now the head of Starfleet Intelligencefor an unsanctioned mission into Watraii space onboard the USS Alliancecommanded by another old Really. super.dark.times.2019 commit shipmate, Captain Saavik. Der Plan geht auf, die Erde der Source und Nero wird besiegt. Aschenputtel ist ein russisches Märchen. Spock findet heraus, dass die Sonde mit den Walen megalobox Kontakt treten will, aber die Buckelwale sind im Try Now. Die Klingonen beginnen auf die Enterprise zu beamen. pavel chekov

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