St. elmo’s fire

St. Elmo’s Fire

st. elmo’s fire

St. Elmo’s Fire Video

St. Elmo’s Fire Video

St. Elmo’s Fire -

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The colorful lights of the aurora get their glow from relaxing particles as well, although the electrons that excite these particles ultimately get their energy from the solar wind, rather than electrically charged clouds.

Many also confuse St. Elmo's fire with ball lightning, another incandescent phenomenon known for millennia. While those hovering spheres of light remain poorly understood , the two events have been reported together, as in this mountaineer's account from , reported in the Journal of Scientific Exploration :.

I could see still tongues of light-blue flame on every point of steel framework which protruded from the ruins. The flame was of various sizes.

The higher was the point, the larger was a tongue of flame on it. Still lower, at a height of 4, to 4, m [1, to 1, feet], lightning was flashing.

Orange balls of the size of a soccer ball were flying by the wind on the background of black clouds.

Fortunately for hikers and sailors, St. Elmo's fire doesn't burn or present any immediate danger beyond the potentially stormy weather itself.

Engineers, however, must take corona discharge into account when designing electrical equipment, particularly power lines, as unwanted instances of St.

Elmo's fire can sap valuable electricity. To minimize that effect, many long-distance power lines feature hoop-like "corona rings" around pointy areas such as the tips of towers and poles.

These rings keep the electric field from getting concentrated enough to produce a lot of plasma. In other cases, engineers have found ways to use corona discharge to their advantage.

The process is involved in the production of ozone, an industrial disinfectant. Corona discharge also plays a role in creating the charged surfaces needed inside a photocopier.

While researchers have demystified the phenomenon and put it to work in modern technology, the harmless but captivating glow of St.

At their apartment, Alec pressures Leslie to marry him, but she thinks they are unprepared to make such a commitment.

Kirby is telling Kevin of his love for Dale when Billy shows up, asking to spend the night as he cannot cope with his wife.

Jules accuses Kevin of being gay and loving Alec. When Kevin visits Alec and Leslie for dinner, Alec, during a private moment with Kevin, confesses he recently had sex with a lingerie saleswoman.

They kiss, and Billy, tugging at her clothing, makes fun of her girdle. At St. Billy sees his wife with another man in the crowd and attacks him.

Billy is jettisoned from the bar but reconciles with his wife. The girls confront Jules about her affair and reckless spending, but she insists that everything is under control.

Kirby takes a job working for Mr. Kim's permission. Wendy arrives with Howie, an ungainly Jewish boy whom her parents want her to marry.

Alec announces that he and Leslie are engaged, upsetting her. She confronts him about her suspicions of his infidelity, and the two break up.

Alec accuses Kevin of telling Leslie about the tryst with the lingerie woman. Jules gives Billy a ride home, and Billy makes a pass at her.

When Dale skips the party, Kirby drives to the ski lodge where she is staying and meets her tall, handsome boyfriend. Kirby's borrowed car gets stuck, and Dale and her boyfriend invite him in.

He kisses her, and then poses for a photo with her taken by her boyfriend before leaving. Dale watches Kirby as he drives off. Kevin confesses his love for her, and the two sleep together.

Alec goes to the apartment to apologize to Kevin and finds Leslie there, and then Alec and Leslie argue.

Wendy tells her father that she wants to be independent and move into her own place. Jules has been fired from her job, fallen behind on her credit card payments, and her possessions have been seized.

Jules locks herself in her apartment and opens the windows, intending to freeze to death. Her friends attempt to coax her out, but she is unresponsive.

Kirby fetches Billy, who landed a job at a gas station courtesy of Kevin, to calm Jules down. Billy convinces Jules to let him in, and the two share a very tender talk about the challenges of life, overheard by the rest of the gang.

Wendy moves into her own place, where Billy visits and informs her that he is getting a divorce and moving to New York City, and the two have sex.

At the bus station, the group gathers once more to say goodbye to Billy. Billy urges Alec to make up with Leslie, but she declares that she does not want to date anyone for a while.

Alec and Kevin make up, and the group makes plans to meet for brunch. However, they decide not to go to St. Elmo's and instead choose Houlihan's because there are "not so many kids" there.

The film was announced in July It was executive produced by Ned Tanen. According to Schumacher, "a lot of people turned down the script I think there are people who can go into the marketplace after high school and do well.

After Breakfast Club, I think people will say I should have played another street punk. They'll criticize me for not doing what I'm good at, for trying something new.

Principal photography began early October , just after executive producer Ned Tanen had been appointed as president of Paramount Pictures ' motion picture division.

The private Jesuit -affiliated Georgetown University would not permit filming on campus, with their administrators citing questionable content such as premarital sex.

As a result, the university seen on film is the public University of Maryland located 10 miles away in College Park, Maryland. David Denby called Schumacher "brutally untalented" and said that "nobody over the moral age of fifteen" will like the work of the Brat Pack actors in the film: [13].

Elmo's Fire isn't drama, it's gossip, and peculiarly early-adolescent gossip— a movie designed to be picked apart on the telephone.

Alec Newbary Ally Sheedy Leslie Hunter Mare Winningham Wendy Beamish Martin Balsam Beamish Andie MacDowell Dale Biberman Joyce Van Patten Beamish Jenny Wright Felicia Blake Clark Wally Jon Cutler Howie Krantz Matthew Laurance Ron Dellasandro Gina Hecht Learn more More Like This.

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The Outsiders Crime Drama. Stars: C. The Lost Boys Comedy Horror. After moving to a new town, two brothers discover that the area is a haven for vampires.

Can't Buy Me Love The Breakfast Club Comedy Drama. Mannequin Comedy Fantasy Romance. Say Anything Youngblood Drama Romance Sport.

Edit Storyline Seven friends - Alec, Billy, Jules, Kevin, Kirby, Leslie and Wendy - are trying to navigate through life and their friendships following college graduation.

Taglines: The passion burns deep. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Anthony Edwards and Lea Thompson auditioned for roles.

Goofs In the beginning, the first time they go to the bar, while they are sitting drinking, Demi Moore Jules says a line but her mouth is not moving.

The line she says is "except I'll have alligator bags", which is a line she says later while they meet Wendy at the homeless shelter for lunch.

Quotes Jules : Don't you enjoy anything anymore Kevin : I enjoy being afraid of Russia. It's a harmless fear, but it makes America feel better, Russia gets an inflated sense of national worth from our paranoia.

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St. Elmo’s Fire

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